Tamara A. Dower
Web Designer & Developer | WordPress Designer and Developer

A seasoned veteran in the web design and development world, Tamara has built over 700 websites. Notable project work includes and She is a creative and technological expert in developing database-driven open-source websites such as WordPress, Joomla, SharePoint and Drupal using valid HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Tamara holds a BA in Communications with a minor in art from Southern Vermont College and is the winner of 7 literary arts awards. She is also a board member of the Parrot Head Club of Eastern Massachusetts, serving as the webmaster for their main website as well as their upcoming 18th annual convention’s website.


  • Over seven hundred individual web site designs have been created in the last fourteen years.
  • Extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop allows this visual designer to create quick loading web site designs with a cutting-edge look.
  • Expertise with HTML standards and being able to work together with programmers and designers has proven influential in her career.
  • She has strong attention to detail in many aspects, including web development, deadlines and keeping a focus on the clients’ desires.
  • Along with being a designer, she works extensively with clients to ensure their needs are not only met but also feel comfortable with production progress and the end result.
  • Beyond the role of designer, she works well with developers and assisting in the UI realm.
  • Experience includes extensive knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, artistic site design and navigation, browser compatibility, site management, promotion and front end development.


  • Internet Proficient: HTML; HTML5; CSS; CSS3; JQuery; JavaScript; ASP; XSL; XSL style sheets – template design with XML engine; UX Development; UI Design; Integrated Template Languages; Browser Compatibility Issues (PC/Mac – IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari); Usability Testing; Online Database Applications; Extensive site management and production along with CMS tools and social networks.
  • Experience with: Flash; ASP.NET; SQL Studio Manager; IIS management; XML; JSP; PHP; SharePoint.
  • Design Internet: Cutting Edge Web Site Design; Development and Management; Over 650 sites completed; Easy navigation; Quick loading times; Work directly with a production team to create the final product including layout, structure and copy.
  • CMS: WordPress (Custom development, theme development, widget creation, site development), SharePoint, Drupal
  • Print production: Design and layout for brochures, letterhead, newsletters and magazines; logo creation.
  • Art: All mediums applied and visual; Concentration in acrylic painting, charcoal, pencil, ink and watercolor.
  • Photography: black and white, developing, candid color and artistic landscape. Industry related photography (golfing events, conventions).
  • Advertising: Advertising Liaison (proof reading, radio, newspaper, ROP ads), Internet Advertising (aggressive marketing), Social Media advertising.
  • Operating Systems: Win 7, Windows XP Pro, Mac 10x
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop; Illustrator; PHP Storm; Expression Blend; Flash; Visual Studio 03-10; VSS; VPN; Notebook; FTP; SwishMax; Microsoft (Word, Works, Excel, Power Point, Access, Visio); Quark Express.


05/98 – Present Tamara Designs (
Owner / Web Developer & Designer, Freelance and Consultant
Tamara Designs is a small design company with 26 current clients. Services include WordPress development, UX development; web design, UI design, hosting, maintenance, database design, SEO (Search engine optimization) and online marketing. Social media promotions.

Current Contract / Project / Freelance Gigs

September 2013 – Present: Consultant for Digital Influence Group (DIG), now Racepoint Group. Continued support and feature enhancements to client site, Kaiser Permanente ( WordPress development: PHP, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery.

December 2013: Consultant with Terry Kane of Orlando (TKO) working on WordPress sites to help develop new themes, add custom JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and PHP.

October 2013 – November 2013: Consultant for Worcester Polytechnical Institute (WPI). Created several custom themes in WordPress for school related sub sites. Cleaned up existing code. WordPress Development: PHP, CSS, JavaScript.

August 2013: Consultant for Digital Influence Group (DIG). Modified and updated new WordPress site before launch. Client requested structural and navigational changes effecting the entire site. Heavy WordPress development: PHP, CSS, JavaScript.

July 2013: Consultant for the University of VT, Training & Compliance Office. Created an online training course utilizing PowerPoint slides, Adobe Captivate and integrating into Blackboard.

June 2013: Consultant at Boston Financial Data Services creating a custom theme in WordPress for their new marketing blog. Extensive customization, theme skinning, plug in and widget customization. CSS, responsive design, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP.

March – May 2013: Consultant with creating WordPress skins, themes, adding and updating plugins as needed, CSS, custom JavaScript and jQuery, PHP.

Feb – March 2013: Consultant for the University of VT, Training & Compliance Office. Created a custom WordPress theme that incorporated the universities template and structure while offering the staff ease of updating the site through WordPress’s CMS tool. Various plugins were installed and customized to achieve complete ease of use. CSS, custom JavaScript, jQuery and PHP.

Oct. 2012 – Feb 2013: Consultant with Terry Kane of Orlando (TKO) working on WordPress sites to help develop new themes, add custom JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and PHP.

03/11 – 10/12   VBrick (
Systems Software Engineer

  • Front end UI design and development working on VBrick’s steaming video software, Mystro.
  • Duties include feature request design and implementation from sketch drawings, client usability testing, development and integration into the existing software.
  • Ongoing site enhancements and visual touch ups.
  • Mobile compatibility and application creation for cross devices including the Android and iOS platforms.
  • Mystro is designed on an ASP.NET framework. Photoshop, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, XML

08/10 – 03/11 Mount Wachusett Community College
Web Administrator / Developer

  • Duties include implementing a student, staff and faculty portal combining four sites, student finances, school announcements and event calendar.
  • Ongoing development includes working with students, faculty and staff on needs and expectations along with facilitating enhancements with the development team.
  • Additional duties include creating a CMS external site with SharePoint, updating internal applications with AJAX utilizing code standards and creating a common theme across all web locations including U.S. Federal Government’s Section 508 standards.

01/04 – 04/10 StratBridge, LLC (
Creative Director

  • Duties include design creation to development implementation in all user interfaces.
  • Ensured company branding flowed on each application along with code standards for HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Front end development and UI Design on ASP.NET framework using C#.
  • Other miscellaneous duties include light IT work and team morale.

Project: StratTix
StratTix takes data directly from the ticketing system of your stadium, arena, or performance venue and provides web-native inventory management, fan/patron targeting and dynamic revenue optimization tools to enable you to maximize every opportunity.

  • Duties include initial design and implementation to the customer interface.
  • Photoshop, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET and C#.
  • Continuing design and UI Design and UI support for the sports industry.

Project: StratEdge
StratEdge is a web-native application for coaches and GMs and their staff providing advanced player analysis tools.

  • Duties include initial design and implementation to the customer interface.
  • Silverlight/Expression Blend, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET and C#.
  • Continuing UI design and UI support for the sports industry.

Project: is the company website that showcases the latest in ticketing, player performance and arena data analysis. The site is a sales tool to allow prospective teams, GM’s and company CEO’s to get a glimpse at what we have to offer.

  • Duties include initial design, implementation and management. The site was built with CSS structure to enhance UI experience.
  • Photoshop, HTML, CSS, and ASP.
  • Continuing design and UI design and UI support.

1999 – 2013 Parrothead Club of Eastern MA (

  • Created several redesigns for the Parrothead Club of Eastern MA (a non-profit social club) over the last eleven years. The site has varied from ASP to PHP and WordPress and includes dynamic and flash content.
  • Member of the PHCOEM Board of Directors.
  • Created a convention website for the upcoming 2013 New England Parrothead convention including online forms, plugins, paypal and mobile app capable via WordPress.

01/02 – 12/03 Spade Technology (
Creative Director / Web Developer
Spade Technology, Inc. is one of this region’s fastest growing information technology companies serving the needs of small to mid-sized businesses throughout the Northeast.

12/01 – 01/02 Viridien Technologies (
Web Developer / Designer

Project: Internet

  • Re-designed internet site with new content, navigation, look and feel and concept.
  • Using an asp template structure, the site is designed to be easily updated and modified as needed.
  • Cutting-edge design brings the company to the level of their competitors and acts as a sales tool for future business.

Project: Intranet

  • Re-designed company intranet to encompass several company tools such as a tracking system for recruiting and IT support.
  • Also includes access to company forms, calendar events and a company phone list.

12/01 – 10/02
Web Developer / Designer / Front End Team Lead

Phase 1

  • Worked directly with the core development tool to recreate the existing site from SQL (asp) to a Sun / iPlanet (jsp) environment.
  • Personally responsible for the recreation of the back-end user tools “look & feel” and integration.

Phase 2

  • Team Lead responsible for site compatibility issues on the front end.
  • Cross browser issues back to Netscape 4.5, IE 4.0 on both the PC and Mac.
  • Also responsible for additional jsp pages needed.

Phase 3

  • Maintenance and support for transition to team.

09/01 – 12/01 Live Vault / Iron Mountain (
UI Designer

  • Created a new look for the user interface.
  • To be used by Live Vault’s clients as an interactive tool for data storage and verification.

10/99 – 02/01 Permwave (
Senior Front End Developer

  • Worked as a consultant on various projects ranging from to Provided front end support on all Permwave projects and in-house needs including corporate website, intranet and work tracking software.

01/01 – 09/01 Trellix Web Express (

  • Member of design development team, creating templates for “Trellix Web Express”.
  • Responsible for initial design, HTML to XSL integration and template creation with XML.
  • Worked closely with other team members on a close deadline schedule.

10/99 – 01/01 WebMD (

  • Member of developer team (09/99 – 01/99) responsible for HTML clean up throughout the entire WebMD site and co-brands.
  • Worked together with the creative director and technical team to ensure the site operated as developed while holding the visual impact as designed. HTML, template language particular to WebMD, design modifications and browser capabilities.


1994 Southern Vermont College, Bennington, VT

  • Bachelors of Science; Communications Major, Art Minor.
  • Cum Laude graduate
  • National Deans List Award
  • Who’s Who in America’s Universities and Colleges
  • Winner of seven Literary Arts Awards.

1989 Wachusett RHS, Holden, MA

  • Graduate
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